Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Of Crosses and Tights

Monday--- It felt like garage punk once again.

Black tights are a comfort,
Long, loose blouse is as breezy as August morning,
Vest is retro
Cross is Madonna, Gothic, Punk Rock and Sin City

This vest has earned the attitude best complemented with g'ol chucks.
a not-so-office-friendly attire

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shopping To Relieve Stress

and to reward yourself from work grind. wink* wink*

I am never an impulsive buyer but when visiting my hometown, I always have to loosen my reigns for some surprisingly cool and cheap finds in the mall.
1. Silver Bangles - P199.00
2. Black Mickey Wire Ring - P49.00
3. Black Wire Necklace - P75.00

I am still not over Elizabeth's black bangles from Prozac Nation. Those last imitation I had were made of plastic and every loop had break loose out of me 6 months ago. These other accessories made of wire are kinda creative and experimental. It had several colors but black was just... right for me.

My first ever bag investment. Haha!
Found this at Closet Collection Boutique in I.T. Park. I never thought I could find any other bag that's perfect for me. I could stack just anything inside and it would still look gorgeous!

`the most gorgeous bag I could find

Whatdyathink Lot?

i think.. wait, let me congratulate you first for finally giving in to expensive finds. we never really patronize fashion pieces with price tags higher than 4 digit. but mostly it's you who is so frugal. while i am too impulsive.

anyhoooo... i think the bag is a fab piece of accessory! I hope the quality is worth the price, pina. it's so rocking in your skinny arms. but, somehow i need to get used to looking at you pair that with your usual punkish-sometimes-laid-back kind of look. it's a good move and fab find! totally a stress-reliever! ;)  -PALOT

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