Friday, September 3, 2010

Palot's One Night of Fashion Fame

While i thought my life in the middle east will be all work and dessert sand and heavy heat, some things are.. well bound to happen as unexpected. Splash (Oman branch), a clothesline with stores all over the middle east has invited local press people to walk the ramp with their autumn collection. It was certainly one most enjoyable event when all of us can choose whatever we wanted inside the store.

The show was called Splash Fashionista held at The Shangri-la last August 4, 2010.

Here are the three items i grabbed in the store while we were fitting: 1. leather jacket 2.sleeveless sequined top and 3. a mini tutu pink skirt. shoes wasn't provided so i manage to find my own.

Shoes i got from Steve Madden, for a price well, worth an investment as long as it wont hurt my toes! :D

This is me, working my own face. I didn't really trust the makeup artist they hired for the event. So i made sure my face was done according to how i want it. But they did a good job with my hair though. :)

The fashionistas who walked the ramp. Is it really Autumn in Oman?? 
Greg Fernandez looks super dapper here!

My design director and me, walking it like a pro. The booties made my legs feel splendid!

All the press people on our final walk according to height, i get to be the second girl to the front. 

AAhh... there's my 15-minute walk of fame! Smiling like there's not a bit jitters on my spine. Who would have thought that just before i get to see the desert dunes, i get to walk the ramp crowded with other nationalities. Gliding with my pink tutu skirt and leather jacket which is really a rarity for me to wear in this country. The skirt can wait 'til i come home. The jacket can wait 'til winter. The boots, any time baby! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Call it a booty day

one hot funky day last week i decided to slip on my boots and rehash a grungy tee. it was a bit of an edgy look for office but it don't matter, that is how i wanted to look on that day.
that's me on my way out with my hair not so funky. looking too dry and unhealthy. but that kickass booty is the main menu of the day. my Steve Madden booty that i wore on the runway (i haven't posted this yet). this will be my first time to wear it after the show and in the office.

when i got home, i still can't stop taking a photo of myself. i love how tall i was and how sexy the booty felt on me. and the wider cut of the neckline on that tee is very comfortable. i did get some extra stares from people here Oman. apparently, this whole look is not really a common sight. fortunately it's not totally haraam. so there goes my funky day! :)

what says Pina??