Friday, September 3, 2010

Palot's One Night of Fashion Fame

While i thought my life in the middle east will be all work and dessert sand and heavy heat, some things are.. well bound to happen as unexpected. Splash (Oman branch), a clothesline with stores all over the middle east has invited local press people to walk the ramp with their autumn collection. It was certainly one most enjoyable event when all of us can choose whatever we wanted inside the store.

The show was called Splash Fashionista held at The Shangri-la last August 4, 2010.

Here are the three items i grabbed in the store while we were fitting: 1. leather jacket 2.sleeveless sequined top and 3. a mini tutu pink skirt. shoes wasn't provided so i manage to find my own.

Shoes i got from Steve Madden, for a price well, worth an investment as long as it wont hurt my toes! :D

This is me, working my own face. I didn't really trust the makeup artist they hired for the event. So i made sure my face was done according to how i want it. But they did a good job with my hair though. :)

The fashionistas who walked the ramp. Is it really Autumn in Oman?? 
Greg Fernandez looks super dapper here!

My design director and me, walking it like a pro. The booties made my legs feel splendid!

All the press people on our final walk according to height, i get to be the second girl to the front. 

AAhh... there's my 15-minute walk of fame! Smiling like there's not a bit jitters on my spine. Who would have thought that just before i get to see the desert dunes, i get to walk the ramp crowded with other nationalities. Gliding with my pink tutu skirt and leather jacket which is really a rarity for me to wear in this country. The skirt can wait 'til i come home. The jacket can wait 'til winter. The boots, any time baby! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Call it a booty day

one hot funky day last week i decided to slip on my boots and rehash a grungy tee. it was a bit of an edgy look for office but it don't matter, that is how i wanted to look on that day.
that's me on my way out with my hair not so funky. looking too dry and unhealthy. but that kickass booty is the main menu of the day. my Steve Madden booty that i wore on the runway (i haven't posted this yet). this will be my first time to wear it after the show and in the office.

when i got home, i still can't stop taking a photo of myself. i love how tall i was and how sexy the booty felt on me. and the wider cut of the neckline on that tee is very comfortable. i did get some extra stares from people here Oman. apparently, this whole look is not really a common sight. fortunately it's not totally haraam. so there goes my funky day! :)

what says Pina??

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Of Crosses and Tights

Monday--- It felt like garage punk once again.

Black tights are a comfort,
Long, loose blouse is as breezy as August morning,
Vest is retro
Cross is Madonna, Gothic, Punk Rock and Sin City

This vest has earned the attitude best complemented with g'ol chucks.
a not-so-office-friendly attire

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shopping To Relieve Stress

and to reward yourself from work grind. wink* wink*

I am never an impulsive buyer but when visiting my hometown, I always have to loosen my reigns for some surprisingly cool and cheap finds in the mall.
1. Silver Bangles - P199.00
2. Black Mickey Wire Ring - P49.00
3. Black Wire Necklace - P75.00

I am still not over Elizabeth's black bangles from Prozac Nation. Those last imitation I had were made of plastic and every loop had break loose out of me 6 months ago. These other accessories made of wire are kinda creative and experimental. It had several colors but black was just... right for me.

My first ever bag investment. Haha!
Found this at Closet Collection Boutique in I.T. Park. I never thought I could find any other bag that's perfect for me. I could stack just anything inside and it would still look gorgeous!

`the most gorgeous bag I could find

Whatdyathink Lot?

i think.. wait, let me congratulate you first for finally giving in to expensive finds. we never really patronize fashion pieces with price tags higher than 4 digit. but mostly it's you who is so frugal. while i am too impulsive.

anyhoooo... i think the bag is a fab piece of accessory! I hope the quality is worth the price, pina. it's so rocking in your skinny arms. but, somehow i need to get used to looking at you pair that with your usual punkish-sometimes-laid-back kind of look. it's a good move and fab find! totally a stress-reliever! ;)  -PALOT

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lace up flats

Lace up shoes or Brogues as they call it too. I love wearing androgynous pieces, it's challenging and exciting to wear. Just recently i bought a white lace up flats. i've been wanting to get one ever since i saw these shoes worn by japanese street fashionistas. the way they wear it is just so casual!

but these shoes looks more perfect for Pina's taste! i can imagine her wearing this with her vests and baggy shirts. thats bony structure would fir perfectly on these. right Pina?? :D

white shoes are very tricky to wear, one should always remember that! it cuts off your height in an unimaginable ways when you pair it stupidly with the wrong pieces. but of course, its not a crime to experiment with fashion, you just need to strut it well.

From British Glamour Magazine, Photos by Coliena Rentmeester

i would really love to wear my brogues with a dainty dress. but since my wardrobe here in Oman is not quite a bounty yet, i will have to make do with what i have. i can always experiment. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Casual Tuesday

Pina and i thought we'd share our daily ensembles and how we mix and match our clothes and accessories. So i will start with my fab casual match. this is what i wore for office yesterday, tuesday. we don't have a particular dresscode at the newspaper as long as it is not HARAM (prohibited) for the muslim people and not insulting to them for those that aren't muslim. sleeveless clothes are not really a problem. wearing high heels will not only add more height for me, but it will make my legs longer, which is so not haram! hehe

so here goes my tuesday. ;)
It's always my pleasure to wear a lot of colors in my attire. the colors keep me in a good mood. I pulled my hair up so i can still have some extra dampness when i get to the office. besides, it's very hot out, i duwanna have some hair sticking on my neck while i wait to get a taxi. na-aaah!
A few minutes of wearing the hoodie will help lock in the moisture and the power of the conditioner intact on my hair if i put them on and not let the sun get in the way. by the time i get to the office, my hair is still very soft and smooth.
These mini boots are also perfect with mini skirts and dresses! a bit of more flesh on the legs will put emphasis on the shoes (if the purpose is to flaunt them). Of course it will make your legs more beautiful and super sexy. But it takes practice to wear these high heels and more so on the guts to wear them. ;)

Pina Says:
Your choice of makeup colors is refreshing for a hot, hot day. I'm beginning to pick leopard prints too :)

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Facial Spa At Home

Skin is Fashion. Skin should also be as gorgeous as your outfit.

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin should not be expensive. There are a lot of natural skin care that you can find in your kitchen. These are the safest, inexpensive and easy to grab whenever you felt like lazing around on weekends. Well, it's not that convenient to use unlike most commercial creams that smell good and doesn't drip from your forehead. But patience and persistence can save you a lot--- money and fine fine skin :)

I love facial spa. It's very relaxing but I cannot maintain it because honestly, it's above my budget. So I researched and applied home-style facial spa.

What you need:

A clean face towel
Tissue paper
Cotton balls
Blackheads and whiteheads pricker (optional)
St. Ives Apricot Scrub (you can also use sea salt as an alternative. Make sure to scrub gently)
Honey (If you have some oatmeal, mix 1 tablespoon of honey to 1 tablespoon of oatmeal), you can also use milk, avocado or ripe papaya and eggwhite
Cucumber slices
Lip balm

1.Boil a pot of water. Set aside.

2. Wash face with lukewarm water and mild soap or facial cleanser. I recommend using a gentle cleanser to avoid irritation.

3. Rest your head above the bowl or pot of hot water for 5-15 minutes. Be careful and don't lean too close to the pot to avoid getting burnt. If this is uncomfortable for you, you can soak the clean facial towel on the hot water. Add some lukewarm water until you can pick the towel and squeeze the excess water in it. Pat on your face gently and cover it on your face for a couple of minutes.

4. Exfoliate your skin with the Apricot Scrub or the sea salt.
These are not cucumbers, these are the new Cucu Chanel sunglasses. Really, we don't have cucumber available that day.

Gently scrub your face in circular motion. Do this for about a minute. Wipe with the face towel which was soaked in the warm water.

5. If you have blackheads and whiteheads problem, this is the next step to start pricking them. But first, clean your pricker with alcohol.

6.Wipe your face with the cotton balls dipped in warm water. Squeeze the excess water before wiping on your face.

7. Spread your honey mask (or fruit mask) generously on your face. Leave it on your skin for about 30 mins to 1 hour. Don't forget to apply lip balm on your lips. Most spa clinics neglect the lips in the process. Your lips need some pampering too.
If you have dry skin, I recommend applying honey mask for 3 consecutive days. Then follow an egg white mask on the next 3 days to refine your pores. 

Cover your eyes with your sliced cucumber while waiting for your honey mask to be absorbed by your skin.

8. Clean your face with a damp facial towel or wash with a lukewarm water to remove all the sticky honey. Pat dry with a soft towel.

9. Apply toner to rehydrate your skin

10. Moisturize
shiny, happy, clean face :D
Spread the moisturizer in a circular motion and your done. Drink chilled water or hot green tea and sleep early.

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