Friday, July 30, 2010

Lace up flats

Lace up shoes or Brogues as they call it too. I love wearing androgynous pieces, it's challenging and exciting to wear. Just recently i bought a white lace up flats. i've been wanting to get one ever since i saw these shoes worn by japanese street fashionistas. the way they wear it is just so casual!

but these shoes looks more perfect for Pina's taste! i can imagine her wearing this with her vests and baggy shirts. thats bony structure would fir perfectly on these. right Pina?? :D

white shoes are very tricky to wear, one should always remember that! it cuts off your height in an unimaginable ways when you pair it stupidly with the wrong pieces. but of course, its not a crime to experiment with fashion, you just need to strut it well.

From British Glamour Magazine, Photos by Coliena Rentmeester

i would really love to wear my brogues with a dainty dress. but since my wardrobe here in Oman is not quite a bounty yet, i will have to make do with what i have. i can always experiment. :)


  1. i have a pair in brown. ugly brown. ugh. nice nice post, palotski!

  2. cooool, kat! this is my first flat brogues. and i don't usually go for white foot wears. hehe