Thursday, July 8, 2010

My First Makeup Tuts

this is my first makep tutorial. so be nice on this one. these are things that i learned through my daily use if cosmetics and some i learned from others. i like to show it more in graphics, as you know i am a graphic designer/illustrator and words just escape me. i'd rather show the steps in pictures. hopefully this will work. maybe next time i will use video. ;)
so this is the look i acheived. more on night use. i will concentrate more on the eyes because for me its the most important part of the face.

here are the cosmetics used. most of these are the cheap and common ones you can buy in any department store (esp. in the Philippines). i also have a few known brands and some maybe only in Asia brands. anything  will work on this look, the more expensive your tools are the better way to acheivewhat you want. ;)

two shades for the lipstick. the other one is lighter. 
careful on the liquid eyeliner. they need precision.
good base on the face is very important before applying makeup. find the right hue for your foundation.

the eyeshadow hues. i am proud to say that this product i used is actually awesome and is a Filipino brand. Ever Belina is an old brand in my country and i can say thay this thing is good. :)

just follow the steps above. and mind the tip! as for the eyebrows, i use a Brow Powder Duo i bought from The Face Shop. i would advice to use this kind with a brush. it tames your eyebrows better and gives you a cleaner look.
another tip: you can use the mascara to comb your eyebrows and add extra volume to it. it can also make the brows stay put! hehehe
i wont have tutorials on how to pose with this look but this is how i do it! hehehe you can use this look when trying to feel like a rawk star or that im-so-hot kinda look. whatever fits the mood.

i hope this was useful! ;)

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