Monday, July 5, 2010

They call me Pina

I am the casual, skinny, careless-looking character who had given up taming my hair. I am shirt + jeans on most days, but I love throwing in some smart little blazer for my small shoulders. I am into the the rock 'n roll dress code of The Strokes and Sid Vicious. I seldom get comfortable with collared shirts, but for the love of neck ties, I can walk through it. Comfort ensemble for me is over sized blouse + black tights <-- i feel feminine on this. I only have a couple serviceable shoes: my vans slip-on (is living its life to the fullest) and my fine black flats. I like them dirty because they should be hard working like me >:)

I have some obsession with clutter--i KILL it because it disturbs me, unless my hair.
The hair trendsetter me in Justine Beiber look, lolz...

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