Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Casual Tuesday

Pina and i thought we'd share our daily ensembles and how we mix and match our clothes and accessories. So i will start with my fab casual match. this is what i wore for office yesterday, tuesday. we don't have a particular dresscode at the newspaper as long as it is not HARAM (prohibited) for the muslim people and not insulting to them for those that aren't muslim. sleeveless clothes are not really a problem. wearing high heels will not only add more height for me, but it will make my legs longer, which is so not haram! hehe

so here goes my tuesday. ;)
It's always my pleasure to wear a lot of colors in my attire. the colors keep me in a good mood. I pulled my hair up so i can still have some extra dampness when i get to the office. besides, it's very hot out, i duwanna have some hair sticking on my neck while i wait to get a taxi. na-aaah!
A few minutes of wearing the hoodie will help lock in the moisture and the power of the conditioner intact on my hair if i put them on and not let the sun get in the way. by the time i get to the office, my hair is still very soft and smooth.
These mini boots are also perfect with mini skirts and dresses! a bit of more flesh on the legs will put emphasis on the shoes (if the purpose is to flaunt them). Of course it will make your legs more beautiful and super sexy. But it takes practice to wear these high heels and more so on the guts to wear them. ;)

Pina Says:
Your choice of makeup colors is refreshing for a hot, hot day. I'm beginning to pick leopard prints too :)

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  1. palottt! i found you!!! hahaha post more! i lurve the boots! size 5 ko. hahaha

  2. angayan siguro ko ana gi feature nimu na clothes.
    -Erica (Dyosa)

  3. sweet shoes & bag! come follow me xoxo

  4. KAT, size 5??? hahahaha! that's cute. :D

    ERICA, angayan kas booties! ;)

    FASHION ICE, thanks for dropping by here. :)