Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Art of Re Use

They call it 'thrift shopping', in my country we call it UKAY shopping! Oh men! i just miss diving in ukay stores, this video just reminded me of how fun and cheap it is to get good fashion. That's if you have the 'eye' and the 'taste'.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: Natural and Fresh Look

This tutorial will teach you the basics of combining colors and achieving an easy everyday makeup. The natural look is like being radiant but looking like you're not even wearing makeup at all. This look is best for ladies who are always on-the-go and who needs to look perked up and elegant each morning but doesn't have the luxury of time to sit in front of the mirror. This look is also most recommended for bridal makeup because a bride should exude in her natural beauty on her wedding day than look like a total stranger to her groom at the altar. The logic of makeup is to enhance features and look natural.

The basic principles and elements in applying makeup are the following.
  • Concealer gives your skin a fresher and younger glow. Always conceal your darkened eyebags and around the corners of your nose. 
  • In applying eye shadow colors, always start from lightest to darkest and use colors that are analogous or which that are adjacent to each other in the color wheel. Most makeup palette are arranged so that you can never go wrong with analogous colors.
  • Shimmery colors are best for highlight colors  while matte colors are best for shadows or dark colors.
  • The eyebrows complement the eye makeup, so don't forget about grooming it and filling the gaps in between. Even if your eyebrows are thick enough for you, always see to it that it's even and it doesn't show some bald parts. Always use an eyebrow pencil color that is lighter than your hair color.
  • Always apply translucent powder before applying on colors to give your skin matte and smooth look.
So, for the natural look, use earth tones such as biege, brown, gold or plum. In this tutorial, I used gold and dark brown as basic colors. This makeup kit I got from Palot on my birthday has all the essentials for a natural look makeup.

First, wash your face and pat dry. Apply moisturizer so that your makeup will stay longer. Dry skin may make your face look cakey or wrinkled. Moisturizer also hydrates your skin so that it looks more radiant and smoother.

Second, apply foundation evenly on your face and on your neck. If you are not comfortable wearing foundation everyday, skip this part.

Third, apply concealer.

Fourth, apply translucent powder or any loose powder that matches your skin tone to make your skin matte and even

Fifth, line your brows using eyebrow brush rather than pencil to avoid sharp lines. Don't overdo, just brush lightly to fill in the gaps and shape the frame of your eyes.

Sixth, apply eyeshadow. Here I'm using 3 basic colors: white for the highlight, gold for base and dark brown for the shadows. You can also use beige or the lightest tint of yellow to replace white as highlighter.
The Application:
  1. Highlight the brow bone using your lightest color, I use a shimmery white here.
  2. Apply the base color which is the gold, on your entire eye lid. Brush towards the inner corner of your lid.
  3. Apply your dark shadow color by brushing from the outer 'V' corner of your lid all the way up to a quarter of your crease. Blend halfway towards the center of the lid. This will add depth to your eyes.
  4. Line your eyes. For this palette, I did not use the shimmery black color but instead I used an eyeliner pencil. The secret to a natural-looking accentuated lashes is underlining. It is also called the invisible eyeliner.
  5. underlining is lining your upper water line.
    If you don't want to put on heavy eyeliner, line your eyes closest to your lashes.
  6. Apply your favorite mascara.
  7.  You're almost done! Dab some white colors on your tear ducts to open up your eyes. This will make you look more refreshing

Seventh, smile then apply blush-on.
I use here rosy pink blush on
Eighth, and the finish. Apply a light-colored lipstick. Can be shimmery nude or soft peach.

I used this makeup on her wedding a couple of months ago.
Some larger pics are from the official photographer here.

Hope to hear from people trying this out. Good luck!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dresscode Girls Together Again!

A few weeks ago, Palot came home for a short vacay. In her 15-day stay, we went to the beach, met up with cliques, shared make ups and had a fun concept shot. Our college classmate Tambolbee has now become a film hobbyist and thought we can be interesting subjects, lol.

Because I have been very fascinated with make up lately, in fact, I had my first stint for my friend's wedding (weee!) so I thought of experimenting on something avant-garde (well, sort of). And since we are both fans of pretty makeup, we opted for the doll look.
check out for the gallery

It was uber fun doing the makeup and Tambolbee was flabbergasted as we were working on our own faces and sweating like a pig! It was incredibly challenging putting make up in a public restroom on a midday.

Pina closeup (opppss... got some rashes from too much sun!)

Palot closeup

We hope to have more sessions like this, though not any sooner this year. But I'd love to do make up to other models I can meet up in Cebu. I am also interested in taking photos to interested and submissive subject(s). Haha!

~ Pina

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Here are few of my priced possessions. Although i cannot pawn any of these for it has no value like golds, but   being fashionably accessorized is PRICELESS. 

This is an old one i got back home. The smallest ring i have right now.

And here's one of my latest jewel, a fang necklace. It's pretty cool but i would not have bought it if it wasn't on sale. hehe 


Friday, January 21, 2011

The Satorialist

I have been a frequent visitor of this man's blog since last year. He is doing what i have always wanted to do--street fashion photography. Pina and I have discussed this kind project a long time ago and our blog is (for me) a far cry from The Sarorialist site. But then again, Pina and i have a different goal for this one. Still, my dream of having a website like the Satorialist never really ended. Scott Shumann is my inspiration. :)

God, i wish i live in a city were everyone s just effortlessly and naturally fashionable. Here are a few of his photos.