Monday, May 9, 2011

Dresscode Girls Together Again!

A few weeks ago, Palot came home for a short vacay. In her 15-day stay, we went to the beach, met up with cliques, shared make ups and had a fun concept shot. Our college classmate Tambolbee has now become a film hobbyist and thought we can be interesting subjects, lol.

Because I have been very fascinated with make up lately, in fact, I had my first stint for my friend's wedding (weee!) so I thought of experimenting on something avant-garde (well, sort of). And since we are both fans of pretty makeup, we opted for the doll look.
check out for the gallery

It was uber fun doing the makeup and Tambolbee was flabbergasted as we were working on our own faces and sweating like a pig! It was incredibly challenging putting make up in a public restroom on a midday.

Pina closeup (opppss... got some rashes from too much sun!)

Palot closeup

We hope to have more sessions like this, though not any sooner this year. But I'd love to do make up to other models I can meet up in Cebu. I am also interested in taking photos to interested and submissive subject(s). Haha!

~ Pina

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